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Delicious Aloo Paratha Recipes in Different Styles

Aloo paratha recipes

The name of this famous dish is enough to make one’s mouth water. Many assume that there is only one particular and typical aloo paratha recipe that is to be followed, but the truth is, there are quite a few. So let us learn a bit more about not just delicious aloo paratha recipes in different styles but also about the dish.


Origin Story of Aloo Paratha 

Before directly jumping into the list of ingredients and the aloo paratha recipe, let us know a bit more about this famous dish for the perfect morning appetizer. 

Aloo paratha is a bread dish that originated in the Indian subcontinent but the exact timeline of its origin cannot be traced. It is one of the most celebrated breakfast dishes and its origin can be traced back to the Punjab region. The dish is the most loved and famous one not only throughout the northern, western, central regions of India but also in the eastern regions of Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and even Sri Lanka.


Different Names of Aloo Paratha in India

Aloo paratha just like any other famous cuisine has multiple names with respect to the place where it is cooked. For example, ‘Aloo paratha’ in the north-central states, ‘Alu porota’ in eastern states, and ‘aloo parantha’ in the central parts of India.


Types Of Aloo Paratha

Many think that there is only one particular style of aloo paratha with the peculiar and traditional process or recipe to make it. But when you read along, you will find that there are many.


Dhaba Style Aloo Paratha

Heard about Dhaba style aloo paratha? The famous one amongst the travelers who love to have a quick appetizer while traveling long distances via road. 

View Dhaba Style Aloo Paratha Recipe


Cheesy Aloo Paratha

Another finger-licking style of aloo paratha is 'Cheesy Aloo Paratha". In this particular style and only addition the cook is supposed to add to the recipe of a plain aloo paratha is to add shredded cheese while preparing the stuffings for the dough along with the mashed potatoes. 

Hence, when you cook the paratha and cheese melts inside, and when you will be taking a bite of it your mouth will be filled with the delicious Partha with the cheese.

View Cheesy Aloo Paratha Recipe


Amritsari Aloo Paratha

Have you tried the 'Amritsari aloo paratha? This particular paratha has the special and innovative touch of the street vendors of Amritsar. The specialty of this paratha is its outer layer. The outer cover is made with all-purpose whole wheat flour and the blistering and cracking layer with the dough gives it a texture of a puffed pastry. 

Every layer, after being made, is greased with ghee or butter, whichever you prefer, then it is kneaded to a ball again and after some time of kneading, it is separated into smaller balls again.

View Amritsari Aloo Paratha Recipe


Tandoori Aloo Paratha

Don't think that there are no more styles of aloo paratha. The extremely loved and famous one is still left. The Tandoori Aloo Paratha. The tandoori aloo paratha does not have any special ingredients but the real twist is in the process of how it is cooked. 

With the tandoor playing the main part, this style of aloo paratha is extremely delicious. Many like preparing this side dish at home, where tandoor is not always available. But for them, there is a very accessible alternative, i.e. the use of a pressure cooker.

View Tandoori Aloo Paratha Recipe


A gentle warning!

By nature, Aloo parathas have a high-calorie rate. One single unit of aloo paratha has approximately 177 calories. Out of this, nearly 90 calories account for the carbohydrate content whereas 13 calories account for the protein quantity and the remaining 74 is the fat count. 

This makes it a bit unhealthy for those who have cholesterol or diabetes or even for those who love to maintain their weight and a strict diet.

But not to lose your heart. With the help and perfect balance of nutrition-rich ingredients like whole wheat flour, refined oil you can get the opportunity to eat this delicious dish along with the other styles of aloo paratha.


Main ingredients used

The main two ingredients which are required for making the perfect and tasty aloo paratha are Boiled and mashed potato with whole wheat flour. Try using those whole wheat flour that has high nutritional value and has added health advantages like India Gate Whole Wheat Flour.

Other than these you need a few basic spices like chili powder, coriander powder, salt, sugar, etc. for the spoiled mashed potato stuffing. And for the flatbread or ‘paratha’, you require salt and water if possible lukewarm along with the whole wheat flour.

And at the end refined oil or ghee, or you can also use butter or margarine to fry the aloo paratha.


So let us wrap it here! 

Aloo paratha is a very simple recipe dish and can be a perfect fit for a heavy meal. If you are a health-conscious person just make some changes in the recipe like the use of refined oil and Whole Wheat Flour which has high nutritional value. 

Try making these recipes and you can make these your own recipes by adding your special touch and innovate them with your own style. Explore the chef inside you! 

To maximize the taste and nutritional value of your aloo paratha make sure to use India Gate Whole Wheat Flour, as it is freshly ground, and packet under great caution keeping hygiene and quality level in mind so that all of you get the best, after all, you do deserve the best and best only!