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Premium Quality India Gate Fresh Wheat Flour (Chakki Atta)

The art of picking the perfect wheat grain is what makes our products of premium quality. Right from the first step, we start choosing the best. Only after going through the procedure of washing, filtering and quality checks, the grains are put into grinding. We make sure that whole wheat flour is supplied in the right texture and hence keep it neither too fine nor too coarse. No amount of maida is mixed with the wheat flour to ensure that the supplied product is exactly in the form it has been promised.

India Gate Wheat Flour

India Gate Brand process Atta only with high-quality farm-fresh wheat grains. Each granule goes through multiple quality checks. We ensure proper washing, screening, and cleanliness of wheat before grinding. The consistency of our fresh wheat flour is neither too coarse nor too fine, making it perfect as required for wheat flour. Our fresh chakki atta can be easily distinguished by its taste, softness, sweet aroma, and smoothness.

For homemade food lovers, the fresh India Gate Brand atta is a perfect choice for a healthy diet, provided it is rich in fiber content. The brand is a famous name in Indian households for everyday use, where wheat is a significant part of daily food. With the proportional mix of 30% to 40% bran, high fiber content, and 60% to 70% flour content India Gate Brand Atta is highly recommended for your daily nutrients need.

Types of Wheat Flour

  1. Fresh Chakki Atta: Fresh Chakki atta contains high bran and fiber content. This atta is suitable for Chapatis, Naan, Paranthas, and Pooris.
  2. Mill Atta: Mill Atta contains a small amount of fiber and bran, which helps in digestion and is considered best for a light meal. It is best suitable for tandoori rotis and naans.

Both types of flours come in branded and Non-branded packaging.

Promising an Authentic Taste!

  1. Made from high-quality farm-fresh wheat grains.
  2. Goes through multiple quality checks.
  3. Perfect consistency
  4. Soft and smooth texture.

Committed to Serving You the Natural Taste!

  • Rich in fiber

    - fiber consumption is known to help with digestion and lower your risk of chronic disease.
  • Perfect choice for a healthy diet

    - For optimal health and nutrition, a balanced diet is vital.
  • Promotes good digestion

    - Good digestion is important because food must be broken down into nutrients for the body to use for energy, development, and cell repair.
  • Recommended for nutritious intake

    - Nutrients are food components that are thought to be necessary for growth and well health.

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