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Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Base

Whole Wheat Pizza Base

It is not a very easy and simple task to make the pizza dough at home. If not done correctly, then the whole wheat pizza base can become, usually hard or dense or sometimes even flavorless. There are various kinds of whole wheat pizza base that can be prepared at home. Now, let's learn a few of those recipes and find out which is the one that fits you the best!

So, let's begin the journey to learn a few of the best lip-smacking homemade 100 % whole wheat pizza dough.

There are many techniques, tips, and tricks that you can use to prepare the various types of whole wheat pizza base. But before we talk about the techniques, let us first discuss the constant ingredients to prepare the same.

List of Ingredients to make Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Base:

  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Cornmeal
  • And most importantly, Whole-grain wheat flour
  • Other ingredients
    • Honey
    • Herbs
    • Garlic salt
    • Warm Water

1. Yeast

Adding too much yeast can make your whole-wheat pizza base taste 'yeasty' To avoid such a hazard, use only 1 to 1 and a half tablespoon of yeast. This measure will make sure that you get a fluffy base and that also without the taste of the latter.

2. Salt

A whole-wheat pizza base without salt tastes very bland, irrespective of the number of delicious toppings used. But adding approximately one tablespoon for a regular size pizza will give the dough the perfect taste. 

3. Sugar

A tiny quantity of sugar is required to confirm the yeast in the first stage. Sugar helps in increasing the activity of the yeast and maximizing its proficiency. A little touch of sugar, especially in combination with olive oil, will avoid overcooking your dough. 

4. Oil

An additional touch of oil, preferring it to be olive oil, helps in maximizing the taste of the dough. If olive oil is not available, try using soya bean or other refined oils. As the dough rises, coat the bowl with olive oil, and then brush the latter before adding the toppings.

6. Cornmeal

Adding cornmeal to the dough helps to prevent the dough from sticking to the pan. It also helps in adding a nice texture to the whole wheat pizza base. This is an optional step, but this is where the special difference between a whole wheat pizza dough vs regular ones lies.

7. Whole-grain wheat flour

Whole-grain wheat flour helps in forming the base of the dough to which you are required to add the other additional ingredients. One thing to make sure of while using the flour is to filter it out before use.

Recipe of Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Base

 Step 1.

First, take a large mixing bowl or a stand mixer. Take warm water in the bowl, with the temperature ranging from 105F to 115F. Then add sugar and honey to it. After combining them, sprinkle the yeast in it.

Step 2.

Cover the mixture with a cloth, preferably cotton, and allow it to rest for approximately 5 minutes.

Step 3.

After that, you will see that the yeast solution will be looking foamy and will grow. If you see that nothing similar to this has happened then it might be because your yeast is dead. Make sure to double-check the water temperature and the expiration date of the yeast before use.

Step 4.

Once the yeast solution has evolved then stir the oil in along with the salt.

Step 5. 

Add half a cup of India Gate Wheat Flour to the mixture while mixing. If you are using the stand mixer for this process, use it on medium speed otherwise mix by hand.

Step 6. 

Continue adding flour to the mixture and keep doing it until you get a rough dough ball. Take a note that the dough should be slightly sticky, but it should be holding together as well. If you see that the dough has become too wet to handle then add another one-fourth cup of flour.

Mix for 5 minutes, or knead at a medium speed, until the dough becomes smooth and elastic, on a mildly floured surface.

Step 7.

Gently coat a clean bowl's inside with oil (preferably olive oil). After this add the dough to the bowl. 

Now cover the bowl with a cloth (preferably cotton) and keep the latter in a warm area. Wait till the dough gets double in its size. This might take approximately about 35 to 45 min depending on the warm environment.

Step 8.

Once you see that the size of the dough has doubled in size, then punch it to deflate the dough.

Step 9.

Slice the dough in half. To do this you can use a bench scraper or by hand.

Step 10.

Flatten the dough smoothly using your hands. Stretch the dough softly and move in the clockwise direction. Use the inside to outside movement. If you see any holes forming, don't worry, just patch it up with some extra dough. You can also take the help of a rolling pin if you find it difficult to stretch by hand.

After following all the instructions, all you need to do is add your favorite pizza sauce and other spreads which you want in your pizza and add your favorite toppings. 

And finally, bake it at approximately 475 in the oven, or wait till the crust turns golden brown.

Expert Advice & Additional Tips

Oiling the crust

When you are oiling the crust, do it with olive oil and garlic salt for some better texture and additional flavor.


You can use roughly about 1 teaspoon of herbs like parsley, Thyme, rosemary, etc. for extra flavor.

The thickness of the crust

You may flatten the crust to the thickness you prefer.


Freezing the homemade whole wheat pizza base dough has a special technique. You might just freeze the excess dough and use it later. Or you can simply spray lightly nonstick spray all over the dough or you can simply use oil to do the coating.

Then place the dough in a zipped-top bag and tightly seal it after squeezing out all the air from the bag. You can freeze it for up to about 3 months.

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All in all

Hope you find the tips, tricks, advice, and recipe helpful. Don’t forget to innovate and try something new to make it “Your Pizza Special Dough” All the best and if you can’t make the perfect dough at your first shot, don’t give up and keep trying! Best Wishes!