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10 Health Benefits of Wheat Flour

Wheat has been a staple food for people around the world for a long period of time. It is a tropical grain. It is a primary food for many as it is used in making whole grain bread. There are many benefits of wheat flour when it is included in one’s diet. Research reveals that people who include whole wheat in their daily diet are less likely to face the risk of hypertension and stress. 

What Are Whole Grains?

The whole grain is the entire kennel which includes the bran, germ and endosperm. The common varieties of whole grain are corn, rice, and wheat. The products made from these foods are considered whole grains. 

The whole wheat flour health benefits are many. It is good for many things including your heart, eyes and digestion.

10 Benefits of Wheat Flour

1. Whole Wheat Atta for Skin and Hair -

The main benefit of wheat flour is that it has a positive effect on our body. It contains selenium, an antioxidant that is an essential element to fight against harmful infections. It also helps the scalp from getting dry and dandruff.  The whole wheat grain has a zinc and vitamin E element that helps in getting the lustrous hair, nourishes the hair and protects them from damage. It also helps in skin tightening and anti-ageing. 

2. Aids Digestion -

The richness of fibre present in the whole wheat grain has multi-dimensional effects on our body. It is not only good for aiding good digestion but also helps in clearing harmful toxins from the body. The antibacterial properties of whole wheat grain help in the reduction of the adverse effects of digestive tracts and help to improve the interstitial health tract. With a good digestive system, the overall health of the body also improves. It has a positive effect on the skin and hair. 

3. Prevents Weight Gain - 

Researches suggest that eating rich fibre food can help in the reduction of weight loss and lowers the risk of obesity. Studies also suggest that whole wheat grain helps to cut down the bad fat from the body and helps in the distribution in the body. In fact, it was also suggested that if a person is having 3 meals of whole wheat grain daily then the body mass index (BMI) will be lowered. 

4. High in nutrients and Fibre -

Whole wheat flour is rich in vitamins, fibres, magnesium, zinc and proteins. The whole wheat has a high content of zinc. It is also a  rich source of Vitamin B. It contains a good amount of minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, and manganese. Antioxidants are also found in whole wheat. 

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5. Cleanses the system -

Whole wheat atta stimulates clean blood and elimination harmful bacteria which is why it is considered the best detox diet. Diseases such as headache, joint pain and bloating can be relaxed with the consumption of whole wheat grain  Consumption of atta helps in reviving constipation because of the presence of fibre that detoxifies the system and maintains a healthy colon and intestine.

6. Reduction in chronic inflammation -

Studies show that people who have chosen whole wheat grain over refined grains are less likely to suffer from inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of many chronic diseases. One of the main benefits of using wheat flour is that it reduces inflammation. Adding whole wheat to your diet can not only help in the reduction of inflammation but also reduces the risk of chronic diseases. 

7. Improves Mental Health -

The fact that vitamin B and E which is present in whole wheat help in energy generation and also maintains the healthy DNA in the body. 

Vitamin B is said to comprise 8 classes of vitamins. Of these, the Vitamin B complex is the most known but it is water-soluble by nature, our body cannot retain this vitamin. Therefore including Vitamin B complex in our diet is good for inflammatory regulations in the brain and subclinical mental illness. Whereas vitamin E is a good source of preventing memory-related diseases.

8. Lowers the risk of heart diseases

 Lowers the risk of heart diseases -  The biggest health benefit of using whole grains is that the lower risk of heart disease. Studies show that three  (28-gram) meals of whole grains daily are good for the health of the heart. Researchers founded that whole grain diets are good for maintaining a healthy heart over refined grains. 

9. Reduces the risk of cancer -

Studies shows that including whole wheat in your diet may help in reducing the risk of skin cancer. The presence of selenium in whole wheat helps in that process. It also helps in nourishing the skin and maintaining radiance. 

The whole wheat has the benefit of eliminating colorectal cancer which is a common type of cancer. 

10. Helps in regulation of PMS symptoms -

The fact that presence of Vitamin B in whole wheat helps in easing the PMS symptoms. The presence of  Magnesium content in the whole wheat relieves anxiety and pain caused by PMS symptoms. Studies have shed light on the positive effects of wheat germ compounds (vitamin B6 and E, Calcium & essential acids) which causes reducing in PMS symptoms.

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Whole grain flour offers many health benefits. Whole grain flour is rich in source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. People have now begun to observe its benefits. With its regular usage, there is less risk of heart diseases, obesity and it promotes the growth of healthy hair and skin. It has also proved beneficial for the digestive system. Whole wheat atta is full of nutrition. It is a staple food in most countries. It is a source of vegetable protein that is higher than other grains.