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India Gate Best Chakki Atta Know your Flour Well!

We believe in a hassle-free environment and therefore take an extra edge to provide the same to our clients. At INDIA GATE BRAND our employees work day and night towards the same commitment! From billing, shipping orders, packing, loading and more, we make the procedure easy for everyone to follow. Our belief lies in building a strong relationship with our customers because in this industry we are a family. We give the topmost priority to our customers and therefore make sure that every order placed not only has quality assurance but also is delivered within the stipulated time. Some of the products that INDIA GATE BRAND supplies in bulk are mentioned below:

India Gate Fresh Wheat Flour: Best Chakki Atta

The art of picking the perfect wheat grain is what makes our products of premium quality. Right from the first step, we start choosing the best. Only after going through the procedure of washing, filtering and quality checks, the grains are put into grinding. We make sure that whole wheat flour is supplied in the right texture and hence keep it neither too fine nor too coarse. No amount of maida is mixed with the wheat flour to ensure that the supplied product is exactly in the form it has been promised.

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Best Chakki Atta

India Gate Semolina: Premium Quality Wheat Sooji

Sooji comes in various varieties in India as it is a very commonly used ingredient for making ready-to-eat food. Semolina is a type of sooji with coarse granules but we know our grains well! Sooji is the best in making food when it is used in a standardized size and hence we make sure that we deliver the best kind to our customers.

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India Gate Refined Wheat Flour : Premium Quality Maida

Refined Wheat Flour is a patent of India Gate. We ensure that the granules are grinded finely to produce a premium quality Maida. Wheat Flour is also commonly known as All-Purpose flour and is very commonly used all over India.

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India Gate Rawa: Durum Wheat Flour

Rawa produced at India Gate Brand is of the finest quality and stands out amongst others. While Semolina has a bit thick granules of grain, Rawa has comparatively fine granules.

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India Gate Wheat Bran

Bran is the brown hard part of the wheat grain that is produced as a byproduct when wheat flour, maida, or sooji is ground. India has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to agriculture, so it has the knowledge to realize that this brown part is the most nutritious crop. It's well-known for being high in fiber and essential fatty acids.

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India Gate Wheat Dalia

If you are a north Indian, you know it well that Dalia is taken as wholesome wheat in the region. We produce cracked wheat in large quantity. The process of making wheat daliya is quite simple where the grains of wheat are beaten into fine, medium or large granules which can be consumed as per the preference.

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There is no manufacturing, quality or inherent difference in the Branded and Non-branded products produced by VRF Mills. The only differences lie in The Packaging Branded products carry the brand mark India Gate on their packaging. Non-branded products carry no brand mark or logo on the packaging. Tax on Bill Billing on the branded products bear IGST and CGST as applicable. Billing on non-branded products carries no tax.