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Best Wheat Flour for Making Chapati

best wheat flour for chapati

Chapati or Roti as many of us call it, is a constant part of our daily diets. That is the reason why we should consider purchasing the best wheat flour for making chapati, as the whole wheat flour which is forming the base of the chapati is important in terms of nutrition and health benefits.

Table of Content

  1. Process of making India Gate Wheat Flour
  2. Nutritional Values of the India Gate Wheat Flour
  • Rich source of Nutrients and fiber
  • The nutritional content of the whole wheat flour per 100g
  1. Why chapatis are ideal for an Ideal Indian Meal
  2. Type of wheat flour in Indian Market
  3. The extra factor which makes India Gate the Best Wheat Flour for making Chapati

Process of making India Gate Wheat Flour

There are few extremely important factors that are undertaken for making India Gate the best wheat flour. From the very beginning, all the steps that are required to make the best premium quality wheat flour are performed with utmost care and supervision.

 After the primary process of selection for the best raw material is complete, it is followed by washing the dried wheat that comes straight from the farms, filtering it, and then multiple quality checks, the grains are put into grinding.

One of the factors that makes one the best wheat flour is to ensure the correct texture of the whole wheat flour. To make sure that our customers get only the best quality of texture we keep the whole wheat flour neither too fine nor too coarse.  

Each granule goes through various quality inspections. We guarantee proper washing, screening, and cleanliness of wheat before grinding. The whole wheat flour of India Gate can be easily distinguished by its taste, sweet aroma, softness, fine texture, and smoothness.

Also, we do not add maida or any other product so that we can deliver only the best quality as promised.

Nutritional Values of the India Gate Wheat Flour

Another thing that has made India Gate whole wheat flour the favorite brand in the household of Indian kitchens and the best wheat flour for making Chapatis is its high nutritional value and several added health benefits. Few are stated below:

Rich source of Nutrients and fiber-

Because India Gate Wheat Flour has high nutritional value as well as fiber content it helps the consumers to have a well-planned balanced diet. The fiber content also helps in reducing digestion problems.

  • Provides the basic key for having an optimal and balanced diet. It helps in reducing the chances of having heart or digestive problems.

The nutritional content of the whole wheat flour per 100g are as follow:

Nutritional Category



341 kcal

Total Fat

1.7 g

Saturated Fat


Trans Fat








Dietary Fibre


*Approximate value

Why chapatis are ideal for an Ideal Indian Meal

The maximum usage for whole wheat in an Indian household is chapatis. Chapatis, too, has a lot of benefits. A few of them advantages are stated below:

  • High nutritional values

A small-sized chapati contains on average 70 calories, 0.4 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein, and 15 gms of energy-giving carbohydrates.

  • Provides instant energy 

Chapatis are an ideal source of carbohydrates and it provides you with an ample amount of energy and also keeps you full for long. 

  • Presence of Zinc and Magnesium

The presence of Zinc and magnesium is beneficial for good skin.

  • Great Source of Soluble Fiber

Chapati is a great source of soluble fiber while aids in smooth digestion and prevents digestive problems like constipation or indigestion.

  • Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

Chapatis provides one with many vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B, E, and minerals like copper, manganese, iodine, zinc, silicon, potassium, calcium, and other mineral salts.

All these factors that are stated above make it ideal for you to make chapatis for your daily meals. 

Type of wheat flour by India Gate

There are two types of wheat flour in the Indian market. They are as follows:

  • Mill Wheat Flour: 

Mill Wheat Flour contains a small amount of fiber and bran, which helps in digestion and is considered best for a light meal. It is best suitable for tandoori rotis and naans.

  • Fresh Chakki Flour:

Fresh Chakki Flour contains high bran and fiber content. This atta is ideal for making Chapatis, Paranthas, Pooris, and Naan.

Indian Gate Wheat Flour falls under the “Selected Category”. 

What makes India Gate the Best Wheat Flour for making Chapati-

  • India Gate Wheat Flour is made from high-quality farm-fresh wheat grains.
  • The raw materials are washed, screened and multiple quality checks are conducted before grinding.
  • The grinding of the dried wheat is done under delicate care and strict supervision.
  • The packing of India Gate Wheat Flour is done by maintaining all the safety and hygiene measures.
  • The texture of the wheat flour is neither too big nor too small. And the quality of the texture is well maintained.
  • India Gate Wheat Flour has a naturally sweet aroma and a simple smoothness which makes it different from the other flours present in the market.
  • No artificial preservatives or additives are added to ensure the natural scent and texture.
  • India Gate Wheat Flour shows perfect consistency in its whole wheat products.
  • India Gate Wheat Flour is the Best Wheat Flour for making Chapati as it has high nutritional values which when clubbed with the goodness of chapatis is a great combination for one to have a balanced diet.
  • Another benefit is that India Gate Wheat Flour can be used to make many other unique, homemade, and easy recipes with it, other than the healthy chapatis.


It is extremely important for one to have a balanced diet. But as we have a limit of consumption for a body, it is crucial for one to have high quality of food rather than just mere quantity. The combination of India Gate Whole Wheat Flour with that of Chapatis for your meals is ideal. The correct measures of nutrition, vitamins and minerals and the carbohydrates giving enough energy for the whole is very important and advantageous in today’s fast life.