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Premium Quality India Gate Rawa

Rawa produced at India Gate Brand is of the finest quality and stands out amongst others. While Semolina has a bit thick granules of grain, Rawa has comparatively fine granules.

Rawa manufactured by the India Gate brand acts as a quality barometer for other products. Rawa is a durum wheat product made from Sooji milled into a finer granular consistency. It is one of the most popular ingredients used in Indian kitchens. In general, people consider Rawa and Sooji to be the same thing; Rawa has a smaller grain size than Sooji (semolina), which is the only significant difference.

Best Quality Rawa to Lift Up Your Family’s Immunity

Rawa, as you may know, is Sooji with a finer grain. At India Gate Brand, we simply use a purifier filter to isolate the finer particles of Sooji from the granules of Rawa. The nutritional values and the parameter of quality test for both the products are almost alike. The good quality of our goods will compel you to try them once and stick to them forever!



A Tasty & Nourishing Twist to Your Boring Meal

  • Stops you from overeating - it’s derived from durum wheat, which keeps you fuller for longer and avoids overeating.
  • Boosts energy - It is well-known for its ability to increase energy levels. It's perfect for everyone who enjoys being active.
  • Overall body health - It's great for your bones and nervous system.
  • Enhances cardiac health - It enhances your cardiovascular health and helps you avoid heart attacks, heart failure, and other problems.

Rawa Recipes: Try Something Delicious at Home

We’ve got only one thing to say - Rawa- licious!

Rawa Kesari

Rawa Kesari

A dessert thats a must for auspicious occasions!

Servings: 3

Cooking Time: 50

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Rawa Kheer

Rawa Kheer

Everything sweet and nice!

Servings: 4

Cooking Time: 15

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Rawa Laddoo

Rawa Laddoo

A ball of sweetness!

Servings: 10

Cooking Time: 30

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