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Premium Quality India Gate Semolina (Sooji)

Sooji comes in various varieties in India as it is a very commonly used ingredient for making ready-to-eat food. Semolina is a type of sooji with coarse granules but we know our grains well! Sooji is the best in making food when it is used in a standardized size and hence we make sure that we deliver the best kind to our customers.

Sooji, also known as Semolina, is extracted after whole wheat is milled. It is coarse/granulated wheat. Majorly used in the preparation of ready-to-eat foods. Semolina/Sooji is available in many types in the Indian market. However, the one with standard-sized granules is suitable for cooking because it can be blended into finer particles as desired. India Gate Brand manufactures superior quality Sooji with a vintage flavor and high nutritional value and it’s considered as one of the best semolina brands.

India Gate Brand makes Sooji with the highest quality coarse flour. Its fine quality makes it a first option for delicacies such as Upma, Halwa, Spaghetti, Pasta, Pudding, Rusk, Milk Toasts, and more. Our Sooji is a favorite among homemakers for any savory snack. Keep your family coming back for more by supplying them with one of our most famous items. 

Makes You Love Ghar ka Khana!

  • Highest quality coarse flour
  • Standard-sized granules
  • Sooji with a vintage flavor
  • High nutritional value

Goodness of India Gate Semolina

  • Best for ready-to-eat foods - It can be prepared in minutes.
  • Rich in protein, vitamins & iron - Essential for obtaining all of the nutrients necessary for good health.
  • Has essential antioxidants - Selenium, presented in semolina, serves as an antioxidant to help prevent heart disease.
  • Provides energy - which is important to fuel your body’s internal functions.

Popular Recipes

Sooji Mango Cake

Sooji Mango Cake

A dessert with a twist!

Servings: (1 loaf of cake) 4

Cooking Time: 50

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Sooji Cheese Toast

Sooji Cheese Toast

A cheesy affair!

Servings: 3

Cooking Time: 25

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Instant Sooji Uttapam

Instant Sooji Uttapam

It easy to make and works as a yummy breakfast!

Servings: 4

Cooking Time: 55

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