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10 Health Benefits of Dalia and their Different Types

Dalia,  also known as broken wheat, is one of the most nutritious foods loaded with various health benefits. Even though it is often viewed as a meal you have when you’re sick, it can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. One bowl of Dalia consists of a variety of fibers, proteins, and vitamins to help you remain healthy and energized during the day.

Dalia is a wonderful food that can be eaten by people of all age groups as it feels light yet makes you full for the day. It is easy to digest which makes it the right food choice for old people as well as kids. One can consume it during any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here are some more health benefits of dalia that make it right to be added to your everyday diet.

Types of Dalia

Wheat Dalia

Wheat Dalia is made of wheat grains. It is ideal for all age groups and is also a lot healthier. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is that they can be allergic to wheat Dalia as it contains protein content 'gluten' that can cause allergic reactions to some people. 

Barley Dalia

This Dalia is made from barley which is a rich source of fiber, manganese, vitamins, and minerals. Barley Dalia is perfect for a diabetic person as it controls blood sugar levels effectively. It also removes the risk of heart disease and gallstones.  

Maize Dalia

Maize Dalia is healthy for people who are allergic to gluten as it's gluten-free. It also is a good source of protein and vitamin that provides energy to your body. It is rich in Vitamin E and helps in the good functioning of the digestive system.

Recipes Made with Dalia

Curd Dalia

Corn Dalia

Health Benefits of Dalia

Effective for Weight Loss

Dalia is ideal for those who are looking forward to losing weight. By consuming Dalia, the metabolism rate tends to fasten up which helps in keeping the weight under control or even for a matter of fact losing it. One can consume it with hot milk or in any other form which makes it a very healthy food that keeps your weight in check. It also gives you a feeling of being full that refrains you from indulging in overeating.

Good for the Digestive System

The fiber content present in Dalia helps in proper digestion and relieves constipation. Basically, Dalia is like wheat with a husk. Husk makes the food rich in fiber which cleanses the intestine and improves digestion. As it improves the functioning of the digestive system, it is helpful in preventing constipation.

Good for Diabetic Patients

People who are suffering from diabetes can consume Dalia without a second thought. Dalia contains complex carbohydrates that ensure a steady release of glucose in the blood which keeps the blood sugar level in control.

Build Muscle Mass

Dalia is a rich source of protein that actually makes you gain muscle mass. It is loaded with essential vitamins that are helpful in strengthening your muscles. If you really want to build muscle mass, you should definitely include a bowl of Dalia in your everyday diet. It also contains minerals that help you in post-workout recovery.

Maintains Cholesterol Levels

Due to the presence of high fiber content in Dalia, it helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels in the body. Having maintained cholesterol levels, Dalia is also very healthy for the heart and prevents strokes or conditions of chest pain.

Prevents Breast Cancer

Women who consume Dalia on a regular basis have fewer chances of acquiring breast cancer than women who don't. Because of the fibers present in it, Dalia is recommended to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Keeps Skin Healthy

One of the major benefits of Dalia is that it keeps the skin healthy. It is anti-inflammatory in nature which when consumed with milk helps in fighting against many skin problems. Regular intake of Dalia in your diet can keep your skin health in check.

Low-Fat Content

Dalia is extremely low in fat content and also is good for people who fear gaining weight. You can inculcate eating dalia in your everyday diet as it keeps the calories in check and as it has low-fat content, it doesn't add on extra pounds to your body.

Ideal Food for Growing Children

Dalia is a natural source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber which makes it much healthier for growing children than any other packaged food. You can also make interesting dishes using Dalia which can lure your kids into eating it which in turn provides various health benefits to your children in their growth years.

Good for Brain Health

Dalia is rich in minerals including magnesium which is known to keep the brain nerves calm and healthy. Magnesium also soothes muscle aches and improves the quality of sleep. It also ensures the smooth and healthy functioning of the human brain.


From better digestion to low-fat content, consuming Dalia in your everyday diet can be beneficial for your health. On top of that, you don't need to worry about a particular time you can consume it. It can be consumed in breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as per your cravings. Just have a bowl of Dalia and get healthy!!

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